A crime among us

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There is a market where childhood may be traded in for anything of lesser value. Everybody knows about it, but it appears to be something easy to ignore. Brazil takes second place on a world ranking of childhood sexual exploitation cases. In an urgent investigation, journalist and Youtuber, Jout Jout; TV show host, Luciano Huck; doctor and author Dráuzio Varella and Gail Dines, professor in sociology at Wheelock College, join forces with people who work daily to save girls and boys from a perverse cycle. Moving between the faded boundaries between online and offline, “Um Crime Entre Nós” (A Crime Amongst Us) is a daring and thought-provoking look into the fight to end sexual abuse of children and adolescents.


Genre: Documentary
Release year: 2020
Director: Adriana Yañez
Written by: Adriana Yañez and Larissa Tietjen
Story By: Adriana Yañez, Estela Renner and Luciana Temer
Producer: Estela Renner, Luana Lobo e Marcos Nisti
Executive Producers: Flavia Doria, Mariana Oliva and Taís Caetano
Cinematographer: Carol Quintanilha
Editor: Eduardo Rizzo and Juliana Munhoz
Post-Production Supervision: Geisa França
Distribution: Flow Impact
Length: 59 minutes

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