Drops of Joy

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Português, Inglês, Espanhol e Francês

Childhood games are a part of our social, intellectual and emotional formation. Through them we socialize, define ourselves, and internalize many of the cultural habits of adult life. We all played in our childhood, and were free and happy while playing. But do we still keep this joyful spirit and playful culture alive within us? Would the child we once were be proud of the adult we became? Drops of Joy is a manifesto on the importance of sustaining the playful spirit that arises in childhood but which our system encourages to abandon in our adult life.


Directed by: Cacau Rhoden
Produced by: Maria Farinha Films
Screenplay: Marcelo Nigri
Executive producer: Juliana Borges
Argument: Cacau Rhoden, Estela Renner, Marcos Nisti
Release year: 2014
Genre: Documentary
Available languages: Portuguese
Photography director: Janice d’Avila
Assistant directors: Thais Cocca, Fádhia Salomão, Helena Guerra
Editing: André Finotti
Post-production coordinator: Geisa França
Produced by: Cacau Rhoden, Estela Renner, Marcos Nisti
Soundtrack: André Caccia Bava (Animal Estúdios)
Filming locations: Brazil
Runtime: 80 min
Rated: G

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