As Emilio, a three year old boy with Down syndrome, is ready to start school, his family finds itself cornered in the United States’ most segregated education system – New York City public schools. Fighting for their son’s right to an inclusive education – where Emilio and other children with disabilities would be taught alongside their classmates without disabilities – film director Olivier and his wife Hilda investigate the personal stories of disabled students and their parents in the US. With children with disabilities worldwide less likely to attend school, these experiences expose just a handful of the widespread injustices currently taking place in the educational system and beyond for kids with disabilities.


Production Year: 2020
Genre: Documentary
Director: Olivier Bernier
Producers: Olivier Bernier, Tiffany Conklin, Patrick Solomon, Ana Lucia Villela, Estela Renner, Luana Lobo, and Marcos Nisti
Executive Producers: Mariana Oliva and Flavia Doria
Cinematography: Juan Manuel Fernandez Pozzo
Editor: Rodrigo Brazão
Post Production Supervisor: Erich Gilbride
Soundtrack: Garth Stevenson
Cast: Olivier Bernier, Hilda Bernier, Emilio Bernier, Thomas Hehir, Sue Swenson, Sara Jo Soldovieri
Length: 103 minutes

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