Politics: How to Do It

“Politics: How to Do It” is a co-production of GloboNews and Maria Farinha Films and gives continuity to the project initiated with “Policy: How to Use”, aired in 2017. The two seasons were inspired by the research “Political Emergency”, carried by Instituto Update.


Directed by: Yasmin Thayná and Cristina Aragão
Release year: 2018
Genre: Documentary
Available languages: Portuguese
Screenplay: Yasmin Thayná and Cristina Aragão
Executive producers: Juliana Borges, Luciana Bobadilha
Photography directors: Carol Quintanilha, Renata Ursaia, Ana Paula Mathias and Rodrigo Machado
Assistant directors: Monique Rocco
Editing: Maria Beatriz Mussnich
Post-production coordinator: Geisa França
Produced by: Estela Renner, Luana Lobo and Marcos Nisti
Soundtrack: Marion Lemmonier
Filming location: Brazil
Runtime: 4 episodes, 23 mins each

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