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Brazilian fiction TV series launched in more than 150 countries provides global recognition to environmental activism.

In the struggle to preserve the environment, three leaders of an NGO and their intern investigate environmental crimes in the Amazon. The activists uncover a dangerous web of crimes and secrets, as they deal with their own personal shadows and dramas. The first season is inspired by real life stories that depict the reality of the forest and what threatens it, such as illegal mining.

Impact movement

Aruanas is a fictional series freely inspired by real events. The series was developed to bring people closer to the need for environmental protection and to act as an engagement tool for a cause we all have in common: environmental defense. To this end, its release is accompanied by an impact campaign co-produced by Maria Farinha Films in partnership with more than 20 organizations, among them WWF, Amnesty International, Global Witness and Greenpeace, a technical production partner to the series.

With an innovative strategy, the first 10 episodes of the first season were launched simultaneously in 11 languages. Maria Farinha Films and Rede Globo are responsible for the international distribution.

To further strengthen our commitment and the connection between fiction and reality, 50% of online sales will be donated to initiatives focused on protecting and promoting sustainable development in the Amazon.

Contributes with Sustainable Development Goals

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“We should all be Aruana”
María Fernanda Epinosa, President of the United Nation General Assembly

“A groundbreaking series”

“A must see if you care about our future”
Greenpeace Internacional 


General direction:

Estela Renner

Directed by: 

Estela Renner, Carlos Manga Jr, Bruno Safadi and Lucio Tavares

Written by:

Estela Renner and Marcos Nisti


Estela Renner, Marcos Nisti, Luana Lobo, Ana Lucia Villela

Executive producers:

Estela Renner, Marcos Nisti, Luana Lobo, Ana Lucia Villela, Eduardo Nasser 

Co-executive producer:

Marcos Nisti, Flavia Doria, Lilian Okada, Marcelo Furtado

Distribution strategy:

Luana Lobo, Flavia Doria, Marcelo Furtado

Release year:


Art direction:

Carlos Manga Jr.


Estela Renner, Marcos Nisti, Luana Lobo, Ana Lucia Villela

Photography directors:

Breno Rocha, Felipe Reinheimer and José Roberto Eliezer, ABC

Art direction:

Valdy Lopes Jr

Post-production coordinator:

Mayra Chini

Post-production supervisor:

Geisa França


Maria Julia Andrade and Renata Medeiros 


Bruna Bravo




Drama/ Thriller ambiental


10 episodes (First season)