A lyrical exploration of Antonio Nóbrega’s universe

The film shows the work of a life dedicated to popular culture, praising its imaginary and symbolic universes. These are worlds that have not been frozen in time: Nóbrega comprehends popular culture in all its contemporary manifestations. His creative adventures are expressed through various languages. In the film, his journey in theater is shown through the character Tonheta. Inspired by popular festivities, Nóbrega created a theatrical language that blends popular heritage with the universal, in which Brazilian traditions are merged with words by Shakespeare, Cervantes, Rabelais, among others. In music, the artist is equally interested in the classical violin and in the singers and emboladores*, reinterpreting them by using their various musical creations. In dance, he invents a contemporary Brazilian language, inspired by the rich vocabulary and choreographic procedures that are characteristic of Brazilian body culture. In a great spectacle that mixes infinite elements from popular art, we take a glimpse on the different universes that inspired Nóbrega. The musical and visual journey is guided by the characters João Sidurino and Rosalina, from the plays “Brincante” and “Segundas Histórias”, interpreted by Nóbrega and Rosane Almeida.

emboladores*: an art that emerged in the northeast region of Brazil, where it is especially popular. It consists of a pair of singers who improvise verses to the energetic sound of the tambourine.

“Brincante”: Original name of the spectacle from 1992 and of the Institute founded by the artist in the same year. The word references the act of play: Brincar (play, in Brazilian Portuguese).

Contributes with Sustainable Development Goals

Awards, nominations and festivals

  • Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro - Best Documentary Film

Canais do filme


Directed by:

Walter Carvalho

Release year:




Available languages:



Leonardo Gudel

Screenplay collaborators:

Antônio Nóbrega and Walter Carvalho

Produced by:


Executive producers:

Sônia Hamburger and Caio Gullane

Photography director:

Jacques Cheuiche

Assistant director:

Leonardo Gudel and Luciana Baptista


Pablo Ribeiro

Post-production coordinator:

Patrícia Nelly

Produced by:

Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane, Debora Ivanov and Gabriel Lacerda


Silas Redondo, Antonio Nóbrega, Estela Renner, Luana Lobo and Marcos Nisti


Edmilson Capelupi

Filming location:



93 min