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What changes in politics when many women occupy the power?

Featuring special participation from singer Anitta and a presentation by social scientist Beatriz Pedreira, this three-episode series addresses such issues as gender-based political violence and gender parity in public office in Latin America, presenting the audience with the challenges and transformations faced by women occupying spaces of power.

Contributes with Sustainable Development Goals

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Isadora Brant

DYG Midnight

Beatriz Pedreira

Written by:
Carol Pires

Lucas Ogasawara de Oliveira and Patrícia Castilho

Director of photography:
Isadora Brant

Edited by:
Lucas Ogasawara de Oliveira and Patrícia Castilho

Post-production coordination:
Lili Carvalho

Executive producers:
Viviane Zangrossi, Mariana Martins, Mariana Oliva, Larissa Dionisio and Andrea Giusti.

Beatriz Pedreira , Tulio Malaspina, Ana Lúcia Villela, Estela Renner, Luana Lobo, Marcos Nisti, Fernanda Flandoli and Guilherme Melles