The museum as an essential and human agent

The film portrays the lives of several people involved in different ways with the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo: the curator, the artists, employees and the public. Through these stories and the museum’s quotidian we overlook the history and the essential role of the institution: to disseminate critical thinking in society through human relationships and artworks.

It also makes the perennial clash of the museum and society of rules clear: a totalitarian ideological force that – in addition to the dichotomy of liberalism and conservatism – preaches exclusion and standardized ways of being.

In an always conciliatory tone, the film narrates the museum’s various efforts to question and keep the hope for a discursive society alive.

Contributes with sustainable development goals


Produced by:

Marcos Nisti, Estela Renner and Luana Lobo

Directed by:

Bruno Decc and Mariana Mitre

Assistant director:

Bruna Bravo


Mariana Mitre and Bruno Decc 

Executive producers:

Juliana Borges, Luciana Bobadilha, Mariana Mecchi, Tais Caetano


Mariana Mitre and Bruno Decc 

Executive co-producer:

Viviane Zangrossi

Photography director:

Janice D’Avila

Communications director:

Marlise Rodrigues


Dácio Pinheiro

Post-production supervisor:

Geisa França

Post-production coordinator:

Paola Baldi

Original Score:

Alexandre Kassin and Chiara Banfi

Audio producer:

Confraria de Sons and Charutos

Distributed by:


Production year:




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