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Staging young people who help to reduce inequalities in their own territories

“Politics: How to Do It” is a co-production of GloboNews and Maria Farinha Films and gives continuity to the project initiated with “Policy: How to Use”, aired in 2017. The two seasons were inspired by the research “Political Emergency”, carried by Instituto Update.

Impact Movement

In an election year, questions arise about the ways of doing politics and how to turn resources into effective action. With the series “Politics: How to Do It”, GloboNews shows transformative initiatives, people who are making a difference and young people who help reduce inequalities by acting in their own territories. A result of the channel’s partnership with Maria Farinha Films, the project addresses political innovations in the peripheries of Brazil, based on the research “Political Emergency Peripheries”, carried by Instituto Update, which mapped 100 initiatives in five metropolitan areas in the country: Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Six will be shown in the series.

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Directed by:

Yasmin Thayná and Cristina Aragão

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Yasmin Thayná and Cristina Aragão

Executive producers:

Juliana Borges, Luciana Bobadilha

Photography directors:

Carol Quintanilha, Renata Ursaia, Ana Paula Mathias and Rodrigo Machado

Assistant directors:

Monique Rocco


Maria Beatriz Mussnich ​

Post-production coordinator: 

Geisa França

Produced by:

Estela Renner, Luana Lobo and Marcos Nisti


Marion Lemmonier

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4 episodes, 23 mins each