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For a world in which politics is synonymous with trust and participation

A series which presents inspirational stories about attempts to update democracy in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

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Imagine living in a world where politics is synonymous with participation and trust. And that is part of the daily life of every citizen. This is the thread of Politics: How to Use, a weekly series that debuted on Globonews and is now also available on Videocamp. Instituto Update, a Brazilian organization that studies and promotes emerging political practices in Latin America, is responsible for the research that originated the series. In 2015, the organization mapped 700 initiatives in 20 countries, and in 2017 two of its co-founders, Rafael Poço and Beatriz Pedreira, decided to travel to 11 neighboring countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil) to look closely at some of them. During the release month, while the episode was aired on GloboNews, Instituto Update organized free screenings in strategic environments followed by debates to promote a further understanding of the theme.

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Directed by:

João Wainer

Executive producer:

Juliana Borges and Luciana Bobadilha


André Felipe Silva and Dani de Lamare

Release year:




Available languages:

Portuguese with subtitles in English and Spanish

Photography directors:

Rodrigo Machado and João Wainer


André Felipe Silva and Dani de Lamare

Post-production coordinator: ​

Geisa França​ 

Produced by:

Estela Renner, Luana Lobo, Marcos Nisti




musical production by Marion Lemonnier

Filming locations:

Argentina, Chile, Paraguai, Brasil, Colombia and Uruguay


23 min (each episode)