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What does the outside we want look like?

Genuine connections between children and nature can revolutionize our future. But is this discovery still possible in the world’s major urban centers? Scientific evidence indicates that a lack of contact with nature can contribute to physical and mental problems. In the new chapter of “The Beginning of Life,” leading experts on the subject show how this connection can be part of the cure for the biggest challenges facing humanity today and the construction of a happier life with a greater level of well-being.

The film reveals that this concept has been transformative in several cities around the world that value and promote a greater connection with the natural world. The combination of science and action means a unique opportunity for a healthier future for humans and the planet

Impact Movement

“The Beginning of Life 2: Outside” travels the world with the goal of informing families, initiatives, companies and authorities with an urgent message: a life with a stronger connection to nature brings benefits to the physical and emotional health of populations in the world’s major urban centers and can revolutionise our future.

Through a distribution movement that unites the powerful reach of the Netflix platform with the transformative potential of Videocamp’s public screenings, now the film arrives in more than 190 countries as an invitation to reconnect children to nature without leaving anyone out.

In order for this rapprochement to become a reality, we have joined with over 100 private, public and civil society organisations located in such countries as Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Chile, Colombia and Peru. A diverse network that will operate in the areas of Education, Parenting, Health, Environmental Conservation and City Planning using the film and its campaign as a tool to spread awareness and advocacy.

The documentary will be released globally with all accessibility features available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Contributes with Sustainable Development Goals

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Marcos Nisti, Estela Renner, Luana Lobo

Renata Terra

Ana Lúcia Villela, Laís Fleury and Renata Terra

Renata Terra

Executive producers
Flávia Dória, Juliana Borges, Mariana Mecchi, Mariana Oliva and Taís Caetano

Janice D’Avila, David Reeks and Tomaz Viola

1st Assistant Director
Mariana Mitre

Renata Terra and Victor Miaciro

Original Soundtrack
Arthur Decloedt

Post-production supervisor
Geisa França

Year of production

All ages


90 minutes