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The drama of 200 thousand families who had to flee from home.

A portrait of an exiled people, who survive almost exclusively from the aid of NGOs in the Western Sahara region, bringing them food, medicine, and a little bit of hope to those who have lived in the margins of society for the past 40 years, waiting for the pacification of their territory, currently under intense oppression and violence.

Impact Movement

The movie “Who? Walls and Bridges” marks the 40th anniversary of the construction of the wall that divided the Sahrawi people. The documentary addresses the drama of the more than 200,000 families who were separated from their lives by the wall built by Morocco in 1975. There are even families that were divided, with members living on both sides of the wall. The picture has contributed to this cause by embracing it and giving it visibility – with all its political nuances – in the international body.

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Directed by:

Cacau Rhoden 

Executive producers:

Estela Renner, Luana Lobo, Marcos Nisti

Produced by:

Juliana Borges e Hidalgo Romero

Release year:




Available languages:

Portuguese and Spanish

Scene director:

Julio Matos

Photography director:

Coraci Ruiz

Production directors:

Juliana Borges and Hidalgo Romero


Daniela Bortman

Post-production coordinator: 

Geisa França


Maria Gadu and Conrado Goys

Filming location: