A series that travels the four corners of Brazil to show experiments in rethinking education, looking to the school as a powerful place of social transformation. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the solutions created. How about we understand, after all, what is empathy? What mobilizes team work and how to encourage advocacy? Can creativity be an essential tool for solving the many challenges we face today?

An invitation to participate in a journey that passes through the hearts and minds of every individual and inspires the reinvention of schools and the world.

Sustainable development goals

Languages and accessibility







Directed by: Cacau Rhoden

Produced by: Maria Farinha Films

Executive producers: Juliana Borges, Luciana Bobadilha

Argument: Cacau Rhoden, Raquel Franzim 

Distributed by: Flow 

Screenplay: Fernanda Polacow, Tetê Cartaxo

Photography directors: Kauê Zilli, Janice D’Avila, Renata Maria, Thais Bologna, Tatiana Toffoli

Assistant director: Kika Moura

Editing:​ Tatiana Toffoli, Renata Maria, Thais Bologna

Post-production coordinator: Geisa França

Soundtrack: Temática

Filming location: Brazil

Impact network

Impact movement

The series had an innovative distribution strategy, released simultaneously on GNT channel and on Videocamp public screening platform. This allowed its content to play an important inspirational role on TV, but at the same time turned the series into a powerful mobilization tool used by several institutions. In its release month, the content reached more than 2 million people and continues to inspire debates and reflections on the challenges facing education in Brazil.